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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade - or in our case a t-shirt and apparel business. For years, Chip has been sketching

his ideas for t-shirt designs on just about any piece of paper at hand - envelopes, receipts, napkins, meeting agendas….


These sketches, and his dream: to design Idaho t-shirts, finally began to take shape last year. We had spent the afternoon shopping for an Idaho themed t-shirt for his then 3 year old nephew and soon to be born niece. We found so many shirts that we loved, a few that we even purchased for ourselves, but few that were focused on Idaho kids, toddlers, or babies. Fast forward to one year later, and the dream became a reality: C+A was born.


We found our inspiration in the vibrant community, endless adventure, and jaw dropping beauty that defines Idaho. We also found inspiration in the love and pride that each Idahoan holds for this incredible state. Finally, we found inspiration from the kindness and caring that Idahoans extend to others. 


Picky about what we wear, we only chose high quality, soft material, and long-lasting colors for all of our designs. 


Whether it’s an Idaho onesie to celebrate a “newbie” to Idaho, an Idaho outdoor loving kid, an Idaho aficionado of the best camp S'mores, or anyone who just admires the glorious number of trees here in Boise, we hope you have fun wearing our designs.

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